Recycled Paper Bags

  • BAGS of choice!
  • food-safe
  • heat-sealable options
  • compostable


What a lot of bags. Need visibility? We have food-grade clear bags made from NatureFlex, or plant-based PLA film. Both are completely compostable - NatureFlex is even suitable for home composting.

Recycled kraft bags have a clear plant-based PLA window. The newest addition is our sturdy bloomer bag which also has a full greaseproof lining made from plant-based PLA, so it's perfect for cold grab-and-go sandwiches, cookies and baking. 

Our new, revamped recycled kraft bags now feature a clear window made from NatureFlex. Unlike plant-based PLA, NatureFlex is home compostable AND can take much higher heat resistance.


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