Falca'tainer Wooden Veneer

The Falca'tainer Wooden Veneer box is lined with food grade glassine paper.  Not only does it have the aesthetically rustic and organic appearance, it holds food well and in place.  Wooden Veneer is crafted from Falcata tree, the fast grown tree planted from a controlled tree farm.

Be pleased by the looks and feel amazed by the hands. 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduces carbon emissions.  

It speaks the value of your gourmet food and your restaurant.

Falca'tainer Wooden Veneer can accommodate food that is either hot or cold; your customers will enjoy the food, the whole presentation and have no doubts that they will be sharing this great dining or takeaway experience with their friends and families.  Our Falca'tainer Wooden Veneer products are:

  • stackable,
  • DIY collapsible,
  • high temperature durability,
  • impermeable and oil resistant… 
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