Vegware Double Wall PLA Hot Cups

Vegware Double Wall PLA Hot Cups

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This cup is made from paper and lined with PLA (PLA is produced entirely from Maize), certified compostable. Our hot cup 'Vegware' is plastic free and made from fully renewable resources. It is a paper cup lined with PLA derived entirely from maize starch. This waterproof lining is manufactured in a greenhouse-gas-neutral process. The cups are independently certified Compostable to ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868. The fibre used to make the paper is grown and harvested according to Sustainable Forestry Initiative guidelines; there is no harvesting of old-growth forests. 70% of the energy used to make the paperboard comes from fully renewable resources.

Conventional hot paper cups use a waterproof lining made from plastic making them non-recyclable and unsustainable, just another item used for a few minutes at great cost then sent to landfill for 'ever'?

Specifications: Certified Compostable to international standards ASTM D6868 and ASTM D6400 – main components paper and PLA.

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08oz (330ml brim) takes 89mm lid 1000 $177.20
08oz (280ml brim) takes 79mm lid 1000 $153.00
12oz (420ml brim) takes 89mm lid 500
16oz (520ml brim) takes 89mm lid 500 $125.00


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