Vegware Sugar Cane Punnet Lids V5(PLA/Sugarcane)

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A choice of 2 Lids to fit Size  1200ml Rectangular Punnets, 1600ml

PLA   (50)                  -  $ 16.60

PLA   (600)                  -  $ 165.90

Sugarcane  (50)     -  $ 16.80

Sugarcane  (600)   -  $144.00

PLA - clear eco - Simply clips on. Great presentation for cold food to go - colourful salads, ploughman's lunch, or sweet treats. Made from PLA, a renewable alternative to plastic. Clear for visibility.

Sugarcane - Unique anti-spill design - nest the lid into base, and gently flip the tabs to secure. Doesn't trap condensation, so hot food stays crispy. For hot or cold food to go - street food, curries, salads or fried treats. Bagasse is reclaimed sugarcane fibre. Tree-free! Stylish white. 



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